Johnny o, my darling 

translated by John Irons. Original title 'Johnny o, my darling', by Bart FM Droog

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My heroes are imprisoned in myth
my existence is trammeled
God has been scourged from my body

I have slaughtered my son
nailed him to a rough-hewn cross
poured petrol over him
placed him as a beacon on the beach

in front of the big pavilion
where the shipowners sniff caviar
and I adorn their wives
with lovely, loose words

oh yes, to a certain extent
I’m greatly appreciated
for now, raised to the status of myth,
I sample the battle
the battle against acid.

© Bart FM Droog, 1998
© translation John Irons, 2000
original title: Johnny o, my darling, from Deze dagen, Passage Publishing Company, Groningen, 1998

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