Twentieth Century Fox 

translated by John Irons. Original title 'Twentieth Century Fox', by Bart FM Droog

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We lay there in the shell crater
in this tree-stripped land where the green
of vanished leaves in poison-gas pools implored
a way up into the heavens

you and I, I and you, driven by orders
we marched naked bodies, shoving
defenceless men into anti-tank ditches, laughing
when bullets bored into backs of necks

for we had each other, a while later
ten thousand feet above cloud-hidden town
you flew, I opened the bays, releasing
the bombs to the sounds of your song

once more back on the ground we warmed each other
with beaming faces we raised our glasses
glittering eyes, you and I, I and you
the positions were covered.

© Bart FM Droog, 1998
© translation John Irons, 2000
original title: Twentieth Century Fox, from Deze dagen, Passage Publishing Company, Groningen, 1998

© Bart FM Droog & John Irons 1998/2000/2001. Auteursrecht berust bij de auteur en vertaler op basis van de Auteurswet 1912. Er mag niets uit deze website worden overgenomen, opgeslagen op media ter verspreiding onder derden, gepubliceerd of anderszins verveelvuldigd zonder uitdrukkelijke, voorafgaande schriftelijke toestemming van de auteur en vertaler.